My Reps

My Reps

New Feature: My Reps

We are working on a new feature called “My Reps” and will be rolling it out in phases.

Phase One: The List – AVAILABLE

Provide at least your zip code under your profile and see all levels of representation for your location: local, state and federal. Provide your full address for a more comprehensive list.

If you provide your full address, you can also see your polling location and election administration officials.

In the Works:

  • Linking Senators/Representatives to their Voting history
    • Added: 2/4/17 – Side by Side Comparison Votes for Key Administration Nominations
  • Linking Senators/Representatives to their Bill Sponsorship history
  • Providing all contact details for eachSenator/Representative, including ability to view their Facebook & twitter feeds in your profile
  • Integrating your Senators/Representatives into Log My Call for auto-fill feature

Have an idea?

Leave us a comment below if there is a feature or collection of information you feel this should have.

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